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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services

Our garage door company is also a great gate repair service provider that offers high quality work.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are the ultimate answer for all of your garage door needs.

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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

We are experts in garage doors and offer excellent repair services

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If you are looking for answers to a variety of questions related to electric garage doors, here you will find what you are searching for. We are answering to the most common questions with accuracy and try to explain how garage systems work and what they need in order to remain resistant.

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Identify the advantages of having a sturdy garage door for your home. Read the blog to learn more about maintenance ideas.

Is steel a good material for garage doors?

The most popular material for garage doors is steel because it is durable, requires low maintenance, is available in any style and is reasonably priced. It can also be painted. However, steel is a poor insulator and will not contribute to saving energy. Advisors at Garage Door Repair Whitestone explain that low-cost steel garage doors are also thin and do not stand well with even low-force impact.

What garage door style should I get?

The best way to go with choosing a garage door style is to look at the different types and determine which type would look best with your house. There are four garage door styles, namely: traditional doors, carriage doors, raised-panel doors, and contemporary doors. Garage door suppliers are sure to have pictures and specifications like color and material for these types of doors that would make choosing easier.

Why do I need timers?

Modern openers already have timers, which open the door if they sense that the panel hasn't reached the floor. These days, you can program your timer to close the door automatically if you forget to press the clicker yourself. It's a method that ensures safety according to the specialists at our garage door company in Whitestone.

In which case wall mount openers are important?

Wall mount garage door openers can really make your life easier when there is not enough space in the ceiling for the installation of ordinary openers or for the people who want to avoid rails and operators hanging from the garage ceiling.

How long do parts last?

The truth is that garage door parts have different lifespans. Some may last for even a few decades according to our specialists in Whitestone and others for only a few years and the perfect example for the latter is the garage door springs. Though, their lifespan will also depend on their material, maintenance and how often they're used.

How can I ensure garage door safety?

There are several ways to avoid accidents. The most significant step is garage door maintenance. If the whole system is regularly checked, you will hardly have anything to worry about. Though, customers should refrain from attempting repairs on their own, avoid standing under the overhead door, allowing children to play with the clicker, and placing fingers in the door sections.

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